SyncBlasts from StudySync

SyncBlasts offers reading and writing assignments that present engaging, inquiry-based instruction in Social Studies for students in grades 6-12. Providing a variety of rich multimedia lesson resources—including a news show, Previews, and Explainer videos—SyncBlasts is designed to intellectually engage students and foster academic inquiry and conversation.

They delve deep into social studies and current events —all through a contemporary lens. The writing prompts are aligned to standards and offer reading comprehension, a student QuikPoll, and compelling discussion questions to support student inquiry. New SyncBlasts, presenting a variety of voices and perspectives with vetted, age-appropriate and compelling research links are published each school day at three Lexile®-levels. A selection of SyncBlasts lessons are available in Spanish.

Students are drawn to the familiar, social media-like format and teachers love the energy added to academic discussion. Each SyncBlast provides a controlled environment for constructive anonymous peer review, collaborative topic discussion and challenge students to:

• Build vital research, writing, and critical thinking skills while providing an easy entry point for peer review.

• Express their opinions succinctly, in a familiar, social media-like format.

• Participate in thoughtful discussions with an authentic audience of peers.

SyncBlasts are designed to fit within a class period in a variety of ways – allowing teachers to choose how they want to use it based on their schedule: a short bell ringer that introduces a topic, a more in-depth look at a topic that leads to discussion and inquiry-based research, or a way to have students practice writing and supporting with evidence.

SyncBlasts from StudySync is the Winner of the Cool Tool Award for “Best Social Studies Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2020 from EdTech Digest.  

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