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Dr. Joshua Courtney founded TrueLearn because he wanted every medical student to have the opportunity to match into their desired residency program. Today, he carries the same belief that every student has the ability to become a better standardized test-taker, and has seen it realized by tens of thousands physicians and other medical professionals who have used TrueLearn to reach their goals in medicine.

His solution combines high-quality realistic practice questions, cognitive research, and individualized testing behaviors to guide learning and increase performance on high stakes medical exams. It shifts the burden of studying best practices from the learner to their software to help every student or resident perform their best.

They also partner with educational institutions to help deans, program directors, and faculty ensure their curriculum is preparing their learners for success. Predictive assessment exams allows faculty to gauge class performance, identify under-performers, and create custom plans to help all students do well.

TrueLearn deploys scientifically proven methods including practice retrieval and spaced repetition in features like SmartText. When a learner misses a practice question, it will provide the learner with multiple layers of insight into why they missed that question. It will then construct succinct, memorable “bottom-line” explanations that provide insight and proactively text them at deliberately-spaced time intervals for improved long-term retention. This provides a powerful combination that independent studies show improves licensure exam performance by as much as 20% on average.

For their efforts in easing this area for students to help them truly succeed, TrueLearn SmartBanks is the Winner of the Cool Tool Award for “Best Test Prep Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2020 from EdTech Digest.

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