This may be one of the first video platforms specifically designed to spark active learning and meet the needs of today’s digital natives. Developed by educators and guided by their belief that improved student outcomes start with great moments in the classroom, Echo360 develops technology to extend these moments to improve student engagement through video-based learning before, during, and after class.

With this platform, students and faculty have 24/7 access to classroom discussion, presentation materials, and recorded lectures. Using the platform’s active learning tools, students go beyond just viewing video content; they ask questions, respond to questions and polls from their instructor, and flag confusing content to the instructor. The platform also generates data that identifies struggling students and widely-misunderstood concepts early so that faculty take appropriate action.

To ensure that all students have access to video learning’s benefits, the platform includes accessibility features, such as a AI-powered transcription tool, that empower institutions to serve all students. Using the platform’s content management capabilities, users can manage, organize, and share their video content, guaranteeing that students have access to the videos they need – when they need them.

Using the Echo360 platform, University of Sheffield administrators quickly scaled the number of classes recorded from 600 to up to 48,000 per year – without additional staff. At the University of Toledo, an instructor used the platform to create a “flipped classroom” – dropping the course failure rate from 28% to 4%.

Echo360 technologies reach more than two million learners at approximately 1,200 schools and organizations. Echo360 is the Winner of a Cool Tool Award for “Best Video-Based Learning Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2020 from EdTech Digest.

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