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Digital privacy has become more than just a hot topic in recent years. For one example, notable headlines have involved Europe’s GDPR and YouTube’s $170M fine by the FTC (Sept 2019), a reflection of the public’s growing awareness and wariness of the dark side of our digital ecosystem.

The team at Deledao develops AI-powered web protection for K-12 schools. Their technology keeps students safe online with a focus on real-time and student privacy protections.

To combat digital privacy violations, Deledao blocks online advertisements (solving the issue of targeted advertising) and prevents third parties from tracking users online (solving the issue of data collection).

The developers behind this product believe that protecting student data is protecting their growth as digital citizens. “The alternative is to risk letting our students be manipulated by not only targeted advertising, but targeted digital content,” says Chippy Yan, a representative for the company. “More privacy features are coming soon to further protect our students.”

He adds: “Deledao is a digital wellness company. We want to help people make thoughtful choices online by providing the tools to make the internet a positive experience.” For their efforts in helping students succeed, Deledao is the Winner of a Cool Tool Award for “Best Student Data Privacy Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards 2020 from EdTech Digest.

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