Ryan Kerr: Usefully Applied

Long ago a teacher saw his potential and today the now-CEO/CTO continues to innovate.  

HONOREE PROFILE | by Victor Rivero

In high school, Ryan Kerr liked school, but for reasons that only a teenager can understand, attendance was a problem. Luckily, his computer science teacher saw his potential and convinced him to create a useful application that can help others.

Ryan created his first piece of software (pictured with it, here) that managed school locker assignments digitally, saving his teachers time and money. That’s when RYCOR was born.

Fast forward to today and the innovation and practicality that Ryan created 20 years ago still drives RYCOR today. He envisioned not just a software, but a tool to change school interactions for the better.

That tool is helpful enough that it was awarded Finalist for IT design innovation from Codie Awards for two years in a row, in 2018 and 2019. Since then, Ryan has helped more than 900,000 students, 30,000 school staff and 1500 schools to save time and resources, so they can focus on what is important: a good education.

At RYCOR, Ryan nourished a positive and cohesive work environment which makes RYCOR Great Place to Work® certified and named as the Best Workplaces™ in Technology and for Millennials for two years in a row. As RYCOR’s CTO as well as CEO, Ryan has a 100% approval of CEO on glassdoor.ca — very rarely seen in software companies.

“It is incredible for our vision and hard work to be able to help so many people and make such a significant impact,” says Ryan. “We will continue to work hard to help more people in the education sector.”

‘It is incredible for our vision and hard work to be able to help so many people and make such a significant impact…’

With his guidance, the company earned not one but three recognitions as one of the Fastest Growing Companies in 2019 by the Globe & Mail, Business in Vancouver, and Canadian Business.

Ryan was recently named Winner of an EdTech Leadership Award for “Best Founder/CEO” as part of The EdTech Awards 2020 from EdTech Digest.  

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