Pandemic and Attitudes Toward EdTech

Lucid, a global market research company, recently tapped their database to put together a custom survey focused on edtech. A few notable findings:

  • 18% of respondents do not have access to relevant tech equipment to participate in a remote learning classroom structure
  • 55% believe COVID has accelerated their experience with AR / VR learning solutions
  • 17% still believe IT solutions in the classroom should not be mandatory moving forward
  • 84% believe that the uncertainty of future in-person schooling will affect how educational institutions invest in edtech


Lucid is a programmatic research technology platform. The company provides access to first-party survey data in over 100 countries. With its global community of sample buyers and suppliers, the Lucid Marketplace enables anyone, in any industry, to ask questions of online audiences and find the answers they need – fast.  Learn more.


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