Mixcder E10 Headphones

The Mixcder E10 Headphones are the first headphones employing Mixcder’s new MSC Fast Charging Technology that lets users charge headphones in just few minutes for an instant 3 hour battery life in a rush when running out the door — without fast charging pads, cases, or portable chargers or cables. The MSC Fast Charging Technology is great for students on the go, so they always have their headphones charged and ready to go for school study, practicing languages, listening to audio books, podcasts, classes, and other essential educational work. The E10 headphones are also the first product employing Mixcder’s new Active Noise Canceling (ANC) Technology, which is perfect for blocking out noise in busy class, dorm, café, or library environments to aid in learning with quiet study. The E10’s new Technologies are groundbreaking because they offer these technologies: Fast Charging and ANC, as well as HiFi sound at a low price of under $90 – an extremely difficult technical accomplishment and hundreds of dollars lower cost than competitors, such as Sony’s headphones. The Mixcder E10 Headphones earned “Best Hardware for Education” Cool Tool Award finalist status as part of The EdTech Awards 2020. Learn more


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