Science Techbook for Middle School

Discovery Education today announced the launch of the all-new Science Techbook for middle school.

The all-new Discovery Education Science Techbook for middle school offers a phenomena-driven curriculum that puts middle school students at the center of three-dimensional storylines to investigate the mysteries of the universe. Units are designed to continually spark curiosity, prompt questions, and offer students opportunities to engage in engineering practices to make sense of the science around them.

The program consists of 16 modular units, allowing schools and teachers to choose the order in which to complete the units based on their preferred pathway. Discovery Education’s all-new Science Techbook for middle school also includes:

  • Phenomena-driven, research-backed science curriculum that cultivates three-dimensional learning experiences.
  • Relevant unit storylines that offer intentional sequencing of activities and help students take ownership of their learning.
  • Active investigation of phenomena which prompts students to ask questions, build models, and develop explanations to generate evidence of sensemaking.
  • Lesson planning, differentiation, progress monitoring, and professional growth opportunities which provide teachers with time-saving support.
  • Exclusive, original, and highly engaging multimedia content that makes science exciting and relevant for all students.


Science Techbook for middle school can be used in either Spanish or English. Optional print Student and Teacher’s Editions and interactive Hands-On Activity kits for use in grades K-8 are also available.

Discovery Education Science Techbooks—which are currently used in classrooms across the United States and Canada—are a comprehensive, research-backed science solution for grades K-12 that combine digital-first teaching and learning resources to deliver impactful, blended instruction in person or at a distance. 

The launch of the new Science Techbook coincides with the kick-off of Discovery Education’s new Keeping You Connected to Curiosity initiative. Keeping You Connected to Curiosity is anchored by a team of celebrity scientists sharing how curiosity has played an important role in their lives and what they’re most curious about today. Discovery Education is supporting this initiative through its award-winning services, a host of new content designed to spark curiosity in teachers and students about the world around us, and events, community activities and more focused on promoting science education scheduled throughout Fall 2020.

Learn more:

For more details about Keeping You Connected to Curiosity, visit the initiative’s homepage here.

For more information about the all-new Science Techbook for middle school, go here.


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