Vernier Graphical Analysis Pro

Looking for a great way to engage students in science learning either remotely or in the lab? Check out the new Vernier Graphical Analysis™ Pro app from Vernier Software & Technology. This Cool Tool helps educators seamlessly incorporate NGSS and three-dimensional learning into their instruction, challenging students to perform advanced analysis and graphing of data from biology, chemistry, and physics experiments.

With Graphical Analysis Pro, educators can perform live experiments for students using common video conferencing tools and share the data directly with students in real time for immediate analysis. Since the app is compatible with most Vernier sensors, educators can continue to use sensors they already have available to collect data during these experiments.

Or, if students have access to sensors at home, they can create their own experiment videos to share. The app is compatible with most devices used by students, including Chromebooks, providing flexibility and cost savings as students can use their own devices for analysis while learning remotely.

Don’t have equipment to perform experiments at home? Educators can utilize the included sample experiments, which provides dozens of experiment videos and real data—not simulations like other science solutions—for students to explore and analyze. These sample experiments also come with complete instructions to guide students—saving educators valuable time. The company offers a free 30-day trial. 

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