Splashtop for Remote Labs

This remote learning solution is especially timely. With Splashtop for Remote Labs, universities, community colleges, and K-12 schools can optimize the use of their computer lab resources while enabling more users to remotely access lab-based Mac and Windows computers and software using any personal computing device.

This solutions works with inexpensive Chromebooks and tablets, so more students can access lab computers for a fraction of the cost of providing higher-performing laptops.

Students and researchers gain 24/7 remote access to software that requires specialized hardware, without being restricted to computer labs’ open hours or having to go on campus to use the computing resources.

Schools and colleges can better leverage the hardware and software they already have rather than having to purchase additional resources—because each workstation is more widely utilized.

Distance learning and hybrid learning strategies become practical and affordable for more educational institutions.

Because Splashtop fees are based on the number of concurrent users, not the total number of named users, it is very affordable for schools and universities to provide widespread access to computer lab resources. Learn More

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    how do you install this

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