Experiences by zSpace

Nothing like being immersed in learning! From zSpace, a technology company specializing in augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) education, comes Experiences by zSpace. The experiential-based simulations of Earth, Life, and Physical Science topics allowing students to manipulate content while learning abstract concepts. zSpace technology breaks down the typical barriers between users and digital computer images by creating a multidimensional AR/VR environment where immersive and interactive 3D content leaps out of the screen. Featuring 3D-screen technology, headtracking and lightweight glasses, the zSpace laptop and all-in-one PC provide immersive and interactive 3D educational experiences either at home or in person by allowing students to interact with STEAM and CTE content in a flexible, user-driven environment. For highlights of the simulations, tools, and functions in zSpace Experiences have a look at this minute-long video. Experiences by zSpace was recognized by The EdTech Awards 2020 from EdTech Digest as a Cool Tool (finalist) for “Best VR/AR Solution in Education.” Learn more.  


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