Digital Learning Market Expected to Reach $1 Trillion by 2027

According to GSV Ventures, a global platform focused on amplifying innovation in the $7 trillion education and workforce sector — by September 2020, the Global Education Sector had evolved to $7 trillion, and Digital Learning had grown to $160 billion, “up from nothing” 25 years prior. “With the Coronavirus,” according to an overview from GSV, “1.6 billion learners were thrown into the deep end of the online learning pool and told to sink or swim. The catalyst of having 20% of the world’s population becoming online learners overnight has ushered in a new era, The Dawn of the Age of Digital Learning [by Michael Moe and Vignesh Rajendran]. Before Coronavirus (B.C) was more linear and physical, After Disease (A.D.) is digital and exponential. We now expect the Digital Learning Market to reach $1 trillion by 2027, nearly twice as fast as we had expected before the Coronavirus pandemic.” Have a look at their list of leading, venture-backed, private companies in the Digital Learning sector identified as high-growth high-impact players reaching over 2.7 billion learners, as well as additional market details, to get a great overview of the overall worldwide digital learning landscape.  Learn more.


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