Twig Science Reporter

A free weekly science news service for K-6 classrooms created in partnership with Imperial College London, Twig Science Reporter is designed to connect science lessons with real-world STEM news and events through high-quality video and other learning resources to pique student interest.

Each week, Twig helps teachers boost student engagement with free stories highlighting scientific concepts focused on everything from local phenomena to global issues. The NGSS-aligned science resources teachers can expect from Twig Science Reporter include:

  • News updates with the latest developments in science and engineering, including weekly films focusing on STEM news and significant world events;
  • Features with in-depth looks at topical science stories using films, images, activity suggestions, and investigations;
  • Engaging and thought-provoking videos to help students discover the answers to curious questions and meet the craziest creatures; and
  • Fact packs to help students explore science-related facts with text-based resources.


In partnership with Imperial College London, Twig Education aims to share the wonder of science with elementary school children across the world by producing innovative digital resources to empower teachers to deliver inspiring science lessons. The quality of the visuals are superb and make for a pleasurable viewing experience for students and teachers. Learn more.


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