Lalilo by Renaissance

Lalilo is a web-based phonics and comprehension program designed for K–2 students. Lalilo supports foundational literacy instruction through research-based technology that drives engagement, reporting that provides a wealth of learning data and performance metrics, and planning tools that provide teachers the ability to review student progress and assign practice in specific skills to match classroom curriculum. Based on Common Core K–2 Reading Foundational Skills Standards, Lalilo is designed to work as a complement to any teacher’s instructional method and curriculum. The program leads students through a series of engaging lessons to perfect pre-reading and reading skills, including phonological awareness, phonics, word work, comprehension, and grammar. Lalilo provides students with a comprehensive, supportive digital learning environment to promote independence and proficiency, providing them with the best opportunity to master the skills necessary to become lifelong readers. Teachers use Lalilo in a myriad of ways including: Literacy Centers, to teach phonics/reading comprehension lessons to the whole class, one-on-one activities, intervention time, independent reading, and more. Free and premium editions of Lalilo are available at


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