Learning Tools for AP Course from UWorld

Learning Tools for AP® Courses help educators empower students to succeed in their AP classes, reach their target scores on exams, and earn college credit. Designed to be intuitive and simple yet effective, they feature relevant, up-to-date questions modeled after College Board® content with answer explanations that are clear, concise, and complete. Encouraging students to understand why they got an answer wrong helps them retain the information and master concepts.

Developed using research-based educational strategies that incorporate individualized learning, active recall, and immediate explanatory feedback, the tools feature content that is updated weekly to ensure alignment to current AP courses and exams for 11 AP subjects and counting. Numerous UWorld team members working on content are former AP educators, AP Readers, and AP Table Leaders, with more than 170 years of combined experience teaching AP content.

AP teachers use the tools to assign content that supports their AP instruction, monitor student progress, and gauge performance in order to celebrate success and identify gaps proactively. UWorld’s Learning Tools for AP® Courses are a valuable asset for educators seeking to supplement their instruction in virtual, in-person, and hybrid learning environments.

UWorld’s Learning Tools for AP® Courses make really hard material easy to learn for students by supplementing AP instruction, saving teachers the time they might otherwise spend on finding or creating content. With accessibility in mind, the tools are specifically designed to be easy to begin using right away for both teachers and students—and importantly, in this time of shrinking budgets, at an affordable price. Learn more.


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