The Gamelearn Editor

Here is an authoring tool that allows you to turn training content you already have into fun video games. Without million-dollars investments, create your own custom training video games in a few hours without having to write code. Especially useful in today’s corporate training world, the platform consists of three tools with which you can create training video games, make them available to clients, and manage students through the process. If you can make a PowerPoint, then you can create a video game with this platform. In actuality, no prior technical knowledge is required, and the system is set up so it is step-by-step and intuitive. It includes: editor, campus, and LMS. The ‘editor’ provided is an authoring tool allowing you to easily turn your existing content into video games; ‘campus’ is an online portal where clients can access your gamified courses (the platform takes care of servers, maintenance, and any needed technical assistance), the ‘LMS’ is a learning management system where you can quickly and easily organize training sessions, manage student access, set up classes, and make specialized student learning pathways. Gamelearn recently earned a Cool Tool Award as part of The EdTech Awards 2021 for “Best Authoring Tools Solution”. Learn more


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