CoderZ is the ultimate platform for learning coding giving students the opportunity to learn online with engaging, gamified solutions, challenges and competitions. Working at their own pace, students can easily program real and virtual robots from anywhere in the world. CoderZ is designed for students with different background levels of robotics: From Blockly to Java.

Educators can take advantage of an online learning environment that includes specialized content and learning management tools. Teachers can view dashboards with students’ statistics, video tutorials, access built-in support for popular robotics platforms and object-oriented coding, such as Java. 

The complete CoderZ suite of products includes:

CoderZ Adventure with LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime introduces students ages 6-10 to the basic concepts of programming: commands, delays, repeat loop, and the basics of robotics navigation using mathematics and trigonometry.

Cyber Robotics 101 is a flexible self-based learning program for students and for educators to introduce students ages 11-14 to the core concepts of code development and robotics. 

Cyber Robotics 102 With Ruby the Robot, CR 102 introduces students to engineering and technology concepts in physical virtual environment which simulates situations, cases and reactions. Targeting students ages 11-13, the program works in unique environment which accurately mimics real-life physics.

Python Gym provides students ages 15+ an opportunity to program Ruby the robot using Python. In this gym, experienced students with background in Python programming language, can work in CoderZ editor and solve different missions, implementing coding concepts such as: variables, loops, data structures, functions, and conditional execution.

CoderZ recently earned a Cool Tool Award as part of The EdTech Awards 2021 from EdTech Digest, for “Best Coding, Computer Science, Engineering Solution”. Learn more.


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