A Worthy Exchange: EdTech Evidence

According to the EdTech Evidence Exchange, a Virginia-based nonprofit, “Educators estimate that 85% of edtech tools are poor fits or poorly implemented.” The organization works directly to support decision-makers and offers a variety of services “to help educators make better-informed decisions about edtech tools and how to best implement them in their learning spaces.”

The Virginia-based public charity is made up of a community of educators, edtech experts, and district decision-makers committed to coming together to solve a shared problem: a lack of information about what edtech works where and why.

The group, headed up by Bart Epstein, a veteran of the edtech space and currently Research Associate Professor at the University of Virginia School of Education, this month published their 128-page EdTech Genome Project report.

A pivotal synthesis that brings definition and clarity to the entire arena of education technology, the milestone publication is a must-read for anyone involved in using technology to improve learning.

The EdTech Genome Project is a diverse technical working network of more than 140 researchers, practitioners, experts, system leaders, and industry representatives, and organizations involved in bettering education through technology—and includes many of the key leaders of the edtech field.

EdTech Digest will be featuring Bart Epstein discussing the report, edtech efficacy, and the future of learning in an upcoming interview. Meanwhile, explore their website and download a copy of the report.   


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