Mileposts from Silverback Learning

Mileposts was born out of a school district in the early 2000s by a local superintendent who faced the overwhelming need to pull together different data streams to collectively understand how to move forward with individual students. In 2019 Silverback Learning underwent company-wide changes adding in a new CEO, leadership team, and engineering staff taking Mileposts from a majority local product to a national edtech provider.

Mileposts data aggregation and intervention platform enables stakeholders to systematically foster engagement for every learner. Through intervention planning, digital resources, and longitudinal reporting, Mileposts simplifies and accelerates schools’ abilities to turn data into actionable student achievement results. What makes Mileposts especially unique is its ability to pull in third-party data from multiple vendors offering one condensed actionable view of how to progress and plan for each student. Teachers can easily identify performance gaps for each student and then customize learning plans to help close those gaps.

Longitudinal learning plans allow teachers, and admins and/or superintendents, to see each student’s e-file showing a full 360-degree view of each student This guides educators on which students may need additional assistance, new challenges, or even which areas of curriculum need to be enhanced.

Notable results: Fort Hall, an Indian Reservation school, was identified as a failing district with unprecedented withdrawal rates. Within one year’s time, very large increases were realized focusing on higher level standards, addressing skill deficits, and focusing on the data to drive instruction. 

Mileposts from Silverback Learning recently earned a Cool Tool Award as part of The EdTech Awards 2021 from EdTech Digest, for “Best District Data Solution”. Learn more.


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