Learning Everywhere Kit from Eduporium and Aecern

When lockdowns forced the majority of educators into virtual teaching without adequate training in blended, flipped, or online learning—adding to that stress, many students felt isolated or disengaged.

As education moves forward, a hybrid approach emerges. To meet the demands of this approach, the Eduporium and Aecern teams have developed a Learning Everywhere Kit.

Designed to unlock stimulating experiences over the long-term, the kit provides engaging learning experiences regardless of location and technology capacity. Low-cost and portable, the kit combines non-tech tools, proven robotics and coding resources, and the Scoutlier digital platform.

Teachers can develop, accumulate, and share multimodal lessons and activities, easily collaborate and communicate with other teachers, students or peers, monitor student progress, and access or share curriculum.

The kit supports teaching core subjects and STEM skills and provides teachers with a range of easy, time-saving resources.

Students, regardless of learning styles or challenges, are empowered to excel and demonstrate achievements through media of their choice (video, photo, voice, Word, etc.).

The Learning Everywhere Kit recently earned a Cool Tool Award as part of The EdTech Awards 2021 from EdTech Digest, for “Best E-Learning, Blended, or Flipped Solution”. Learn more.



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