MathGames from TeachMe

MathGames is the brainchild of TeachMe CEO Bill Karamouzis. TeachMe is a family of learning tools that offers its users online games and digital worksheets to make learning math fun, engaging, and entertaining for students from pre-K through 8th grade. MathGames free site boasts 1,200 different ways for students to practice mathematical skills at their own pace with stimulating, interactive visuals.

Adopted by 18,000+ schools nationwide, the platform works with teachers and parents to create compelling tools that interfuse practice and play. Curricula and workbook resources are aligned to standards in cities around the country and allow teachers to create detailed assignments, lesson plans and progress reports to track student progress. The ease of accessibility allows students to use MathGames both at home and in the classroom on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop with no downloads necessary. Virtual learning is also a breeze for educators with instant setup using Google Classrooms, Edmodo, Remind, or Office 365. 

In 2020, TeachMe released 50 new games to the MathGames collection, resulting in a 200% rise in traffic and 85,000 DAUs. MathGames launched a new teaching video tutorial series, featuring 1,200+ videos filmed by more than 20 teachers from across the country. As of last fall, the site has seen more than 31 million students and a whopping 1.8 billion questions answered by kids across the MathGames collection, using its games and digital worksheets to stay engaged and hone math skills in time for back to school season.

MathGames from TeachMe recently earned a Cool Tool Award as part of The EdTech Awards 2021 from EdTech Digest, for “Best Games For Learning/Simulation Solution”. Learn more.


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