Founded in Berlin in 2013, Lingoda provides convenient and accessible online language courses in German, English, Business English, Spanish and French to over 50,000 students worldwide. 

Lingoda is disrupting the $60 billion offline language school market by utilizing technology to bring the traditional language class experience online. The key pain point solved by Lingoda is, ‘How can busy professionals become fluent in a language if they do not have the time to attend traditional language courses?’ 

Most available online language learning solutions have either no teacher (apps) or match students with private tutors, i.e., without a structured learning plan (marketplaces). Lingoda offers 24/7 online live private and small group classes taught by over 1,000 qualified, native-speaking teachers, and a structured learning plan, providing a flexible, affordable learning experience. Its scalability also makes it unique: it offers 450,000 live classes per year and has changed the lives of 50,000 people, enabling them to reach the next level in their professional or personal life.

By combining the best of people and technology, this tool is empowering even the busiest people to master a language and unlock their potential. In 2020, Crunchbase listed Lingoda among the 10 largest online language learning companies globally. 

Lingoda recently earned a Cool Tool Award as part of The EdTech Awards 2021 from EdTech Digest, for “Best Language Learning Solution”. Learn more.


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