LearnPlatform IMPACT

In the current environment of rapidly growing edtech use and concerns about shrinking education budgets and growing equity gaps, K-12 districts are looking more closely at cost-effectiveness and equity of the edtech tools they use. 

LearnPlatform offers a highly configurable, research-based, rapid-cycle evaluation platform that allows K-12 district administrators to understand how, to what extent, and to what effect education technology is being used by educators and students in their districts—and to apply this knowledge to decision-making. 

LearnPlatform’s analytics module, IMPACT™ equips educators to conduct practical, on-demand, evidence-based edtech evaluations, giving them critical insight to improve implementation and related professional development, increase purchasing power, inform budgeting, and, ultimately, drive better outcomes for all students.

IMPACT lets K-12 administrators better align edtech tools with teaching strategies and practices; understand how much works best, for whom and at the lowest cost; and reduce the number of unused licenses.

District administrators can analyze depth of usage (IMPACT Fidelity Reports) and outcomes (IMPACT Effectiveness Reports) across any student population, such as school site, grade level, ethnicity, free/reduced lunch, and more to bring any equity gaps to light. Based on results, administrators can determine and implement changes, and then run the analyses again to monitor their effectiveness. 

Given the twin challenges facing K12 districts today—ensuring no students are left behind and stretching every budget dollar—IMPACT is a tool that every district could use.

LearnPlatform recently earned a Cool Tool Award as part of The EdTech Awards 2021 from EdTech Digest, for “Best Classroom Management Solution”. Learn more.


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