Educator Confidence Report

HMH, which reaches 90% of the country’s K-12 classrooms, recently released its 7th-annual Educator Confidence Report, offering a pulse on how teachers are feeling about the state of teaching and learning. Top themes include:

  • Teachers confidence using tech increases
  • A new era of high-tech, high-touch classroom
  • Teacher optimism is down as well as respect for teachers
  • Emotional well-being of students top concern for teachers this school year.


The report is essentially an annual barometer for how educators across the country are feeling about the state of teaching and learning. A few noteworthy, edtech-focused stats:

  • 66% of teachers reported feeling very or extremely confident using educational technology in 2021, compared to 50% in 2020
  • 77% of classroom teachers believe technology will help them be more effective post-pandemic
  • 56% of educators reported the improved ability of students to access instructional content anytime, anywhere
  • Online assessments will likely become a more widespread tool for educators, as 73% of teachers reported using them this year, up from 49% in 2020. We can also expect a rise in the number of educators who prefer digital materials; digital versions of print materials (43%) and videos (40%) were the most effective digital materials teachers reported using.


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