Imagine Reading

A research-based supplemental solution, Imagine Reading helps students in grades 3-8 become strong readers, critical thinkers, and confident communicators. Following a blended learning model, this solution includes teacher-led instruction, online student practice, facilitated classroom discussion, and group projects. It fits flexibly within the existing curriculum, with multidisciplinary content organized into thematic text sets to make complex, grade-level texts meaningful and relevant.

The platform helps students develop academic language, beginning with a teacher-led lesson focused on deriving meaning at the sentence level. Students then read independently in the online program, where strategic scaffolding levels them up to rigorous, grade-level standards and texts. Students learn comprehension strategies through the embedded instructional videos and practice annotating texts as preparation for writing.

Supported by a discussion protocol, teachers lead and facilitate offline discussions about texts after each reading, helping students develop critical thinking skills as they apply their learning through academic discourse. End-of-unit synthesis projects encourage students to respond to the texts they have read critically, creatively, and collaboratively.

Imagine Reading is the Cool Tool Award Winner (2021) for “Best Literacy/Reading Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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