Slooh Space Exploration Grant

Looking for a powerful way to engage students in STEAM learning while helping to build their scientific knowledge and practices? Immerse them in the wonder of space!

Slooh brings space exploration to upper elementary through post-secondary students around the world by allowing them to view real-time phenomena such as lunar changes, solar flares, asteroids, living and dying stars, and a variety of nebulae using Slooh’s patented Mission Interface and user-controlled network of robotic telescopes in the Canary Islands and Chile. Educators who use Slooh receive support from Slooh’s astronomy team, as well as robust professional development and product training to ensure that all students have access to celestial phenomena.

To provide an equitable opportunity for students across the country to reap the benefits of space exploration, Slooh recently launched The Slooh Space Exploration Grant for the 2021-2022 school year. The rolling grant, which notably aims to reach one million students, will provide one teacher per every accredited public school in the United States with a package of resources valued at $750. This includes access to the Slooh interface, professional development, and 40 student seats which will enable students to use the robotic telescopes to view space phenomena, capture observational data, and engage in gamified learning.  

To apply for The Slooh Space Exploration Grant, teachers must complete a short application, including a brief response about how Slooh will support space exploration for students at their school.

Applications for the first round of judging are due by October 18, 2021. Additional application rounds will be available throughout the school year.

To learn more about Slooh and to apply for The Slooh Space Exploration Grant, visit


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