Beable Literacy System

Here is what could be viewed as a multi-dimensional solution to multiple, interrelated challenges in K-12. Beable uses multiple current technologies including machine learning, data intelligence and automation. Through the BeableIQ engine, this solution addresses literacy acceleration while also ensuring grade-level content mastery.

The system provides scaffolds for ELL and special ed students to complete pre-work so they can participate in whole-class instruction. It extends learning from classroom to home, providing time-on-task for annual and catch-up growth. It does this for each student individually and all students at scale.

BeableIQ identifies the gap each student needs to close. It automatically forecasts and prescribes the core reading lessons and scaffolds each student needs. And it delivers these lessons via the right multi-dimensional methodologies: differentiated content in the classroom, individualized scaffolds outside the classroom, and personalized reading at home. Spanning learning environments, this is an adaptive, agile system for K-12.

“Think about the difference between a doctor with a stethoscope and a doctor with a CAT Scan,” says a company rep. “That’s what makes Beable so innovative. We diagnose and deliver precisely what a child needs to close the gap: the precisely right content and combination of methodologies (differentiation, individualization, personalization). Think ‘precision education’. Add to this our ability to connect literacy to career development, employability skills and personalized ACT/SAT test-prep…Beable’s a game changer.”

To date, the company has raised $15 million; since August 2020 launch, they’ve tallied $1 million in revenue and created a massive pipeline. Beable is the Cool Tool Award Winner (2021) for “Best New Product or Service” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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