How Education Marketers are Thriving in a Pandemic

In spite of challenges brought on by a global pandemic, the education market continues to grow. With the right mix of channels and content, companies that sell to schools, districts and universities have managed to succeed amid trying circumstances.

Leading education marketing communications firm CB&A conducted a recent survey of business-to-education (B2E) marketers that revealed optimism remains high, and sales have increased for a majority of education companies since the pandemic began. Still, more than three out of four companies have had to adjust their approach to marketing because of the pandemic.

How can edtech startups and more established companies stay nimble and make the right adjustments to their approach? What approaches are effective in times like these? How do leaders get a sense of where things are and where they’re going as they look for effective strategies forward? What trends and approaches are the ones to watch in the months and year ahead? 

Attend this one-hour CB&A Expert Series event to learn key survey findings and what they mean for education marketers for the 2021-2022 school year and beyond.

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