EdTech Top 40 from LearnPlatform

Every year, the EdTech Top 40 from LearnPlatform analyzes the digital tools accessed by the most students and educators across the United States via the internet. This is a great list as it offers a glimpse behind the curtain for a better look at what’s really going on in terms of usage and efficacy with edtech tools, platforms and services. 

District and state leaders can use this information, along with other LearnPlatform solutions to gain context for their own edtech use and make more informed instructional, operational and budget decisions.

Check out LearnPlatform’s Breakdown of Top 40 in visuals including a pie chart showing the top 40 products accessed in 2020-2021 by category and primary purpose. The Top 40 list represents the edtech products accessed by the most students and educators across the United States via the internet between September 1, 2020 and May 31, 2021. Click on the image above or right here for the full list

Launched in 2014, Raleigh, NC-headquartered LearnPlatform is home to an award-winning team of educators, researchers, technologists and thought leaders who build and deliver tools to increase the capacity of educators and their organizations to research, select and evaluate digital learning products that best meet the current needs of their students. The organization works in partnership with local, regional and state education organizations, foundations, private companies, and others to forward that mission. Learn more


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