Software solutions for managing school, delivering virtual instruction, and connecting students with the community services they need to be successful—Abre covers a lot of ground efficiently. 

Abre School Management solves the traditionally inefficient tasks involved in managing school, giving time back to administrators and providing actionable data for decision making. Student behavior incidents are managed with a workflow that keeps all stakeholders involved, including families. Student plans are created and securely shared with staff and families. Administrators can gather information from stakeholders, view student data via interactive visualizations and download data with one click.

Developing professional learning plans, offering learning opportunities for staff and tracking progress is often burdensome, filled with paperwork, indecipherable sign-in sheets and large binders of documentation. With Abre Professional Learning staff can create digital professional development plans, choose meaningful learning opportunities, record in-person learning and create a transcript of learning—all within an elegant digital environment.

Abre Learning Management solves the frustrating challenges of disparate resources and multiple logins for all stakeholders. Teachers can easily communicate class announcements and activities with students and families. Teachers can create and deliver assessments and this part of their solution also provides a simple and effective lockdown browser capability.

Abre Community Engagement fully uses the power of a digital platform to build, enhance and measure student success by connecting community partners, staff, students and families to maximize impact on student outcomes. Student data is able to be securely shared with partners and families. Student participation in community partner programs is tracked and partner effectiveness measured. 

Abre is the 2021 Cool Tool Award Winner for “Best Product or Service” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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