Vitae from Silverback Learning Solutions

Overwhelming research has shown the greatest single factor impacting a student’s ability to learn is the quality of the teacher. A strong equitable evaluation system is key to improving teacher quality as it sets clear performance expectations, as well as a way to share valuable information and feedback.

Understanding the great importance of a well-rounded evaluation process, Silverback Learning worked with select districts and multiple state and local LEAs to develop and customize their Vitae platform—a complete observation, evaluation, and professional portfolio platform that helps school districts dramatically improve the way they look at employee effectiveness.

The design of the platform efficiently captures and organizes taggable feedback to frameworks using personalized portfolios and a customizable professional development library.

More specifically, Vitae works at many areas and on many levels: a balanced evaluation system provides a personal space helping teachers and all employees collect and catalog evidence of professional growth—while being able to share the evidence at employee discretion.

Portfolios encourage individuals to document and reflect on each step of the evaluation journey; leading to better, more collaborative conversations with supervisors and colleagues about the craft of teaching.

Metadata tags allow employees to easily attach professional portfolio and professional development artifacts to state and/or district rubrics. Tagged documents can then be shared with evaluators and other colleagues. This makes it easy for employees to self-identify evidence they feel is emblematic of certain professional standards, characteristics and development. Evaluators can use tags; tying every observation and note taken for easy recall and meaningful conversations throughout the year.

Vitae’s professional development modules allow districts the ability to track PD credentials and certifications as well as assigning PD courses, classes or modules needed. Vitae from Silverback Learning Solutions is the Cool Tool Award Winner (2021) for “Best Professional Development Learning Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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