Intrado Safety Shield

Here’s a comprehensive set of technology tools to help schools prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from almost any kind of safety threat. Intrado Safety Shield helps schools respond to true crisis situations—i.e., medical emergencies, active shooter situations, severe weather events, and much more. With it, schools and districts can be prepared for any emergency situation that may arise. In today’s world, schools are unfortunately vulnerable to a broad range of security threats. For example, many schools may try to beef up security by installing physical security solutions like automatic door locks and bulletproof glass. But threats that can’t be stopped by physical barriers – like medical emergencies, gas leaks, and power outages – can catch school leaders off guard and create chaos. Additionally, vandalism, theft, and other security problems can happen when campuses are closed, creating expensive damages and destruction of property. And school violence scenarios – from active shooter situations to gang violence to classroom fights – demand the fastest-possible response from first responders. With its unique links to 911 infrastructure and ability to connect school leaders with emergency dispatchers and first responders in innovative ways, Intrado Safety Shield helps schools respond to safety threats in the fastest and most effective way possible, and helps keep schools secure. Intrado Safety Shield is the Cool Tool Award Winner (2021) for “Best Security Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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