Vizzle is a student-facing online special education platform that treats each student like the individual they are. As learning environments shift between the classroom and home, Vizzle provides students with consistency and school districts with easy-to-use technology — including more than 15,000 lessons and automatic data collection to track IEPs — so teachers can spend more time connecting with each student and celebrating progress.

Children with significant disabilities need and desire very individualized content and instruction. This cool tool allows teachers to utilize teacher-created content or the ability to create their own. In turn, this allows educators the ability to create materials specifically for these students and their IEP goals. The onboard data tools and teacher dashboard allow teachers to fully plan, teach and analyze a student’s progress towards educational and transitional goals.

A quick, easy way to find thoughtful and stimulating content lauded by teachers and parents and welcomed by learners, Vizzle is the Cool Tool Award Winner (2021) for “Best Special Needs / Assistive Technology Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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