LearnPlatform District Privacy Solution

Safeguarding the privacy of students’ personally identifiable information and complying with federal and state regulations isn’t a one-person responsibility according to the people behind this cool tool—their solution puts the right tools and information in the hands of all stakeholders (educators, school-level leaders, district administrators, and parents across the district) to ensure compliance.

With LearnPlatform’s district privacy solution, district administrators gain control over how new edtech products enter the district ecosystem with tools to standardize how edtech products are requested, reviewed and approved, as well as the ability to build privacy compliance into their review and procurement processes. Sharing information on approved tools and edtech use with parents and other stakeholders becomes simple with a district-wide product library for school staff and educators, and a public product library for parents.

Educators and school staff can make more informed choices on edtech tools with access to a central, current repository of trustworthy information on products’ privacy privacy commitments. Parents and other gain essential visibility into the privacy compliance of every edtech product in use from the district’s public and mobile-ready product library.

As LearnPlatform empowers educators, school-level and district administrators, and parents to keep student data safe, the company recently earned a Cool Tool Award as part of The EdTech Awards 2021 from EdTech Digest, for “Best Student Data Privacy Solution”. Learn more.


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