Founded in 2014, Paper is an Educational Support System (ESS) providing students with 24/7 live help and essay review, and teachers with real-time feedback and intervention tools.

An ESS provides schools or districts with a platform to support the complex needs of all stakeholders. Paper provides unparalleled value across the board:

  • Superintendents bring on a system of educational support that sets their district apart as a leader—making the school system a source of even greater pride and value to the entire community.
  • Assistant Superintendents can provide meaningful education support to every student, at a fixed cost to the district. You can achieve educational equity, close achievement gaps and pace ahead academically—all while budgeting accurately.
  • Principals lead a happier team of educators, improving retention and job satisfaction while reducing the costs and effort of hiring new staff.
  • Teachers are supported in furthering each student’s progress with the help of 24/7 virtual TAs. Teacher workloads are reduced, promoting work-life balance.
  • Students get unlimited 1:1 individualized support from a highly skilled educator, where, when and how they need it.
  • Parents worry less because their children have high quality educational support at no cost.

In closer consideration of their work, Paper’s partner districts have a range of profiles. Some, like Denver Public Schools, are in dense urban environments and are looking to improve Math or English proficiency. While others, like Sequoia Union High School District, need to support growing English Language Learner populations. Other districts, like Irvine and Tustin Unified School Districts, are addressing socio-economic opportunity gaps.

For all of their efforts and results, Paper is the Cool Tool Award Winner (2021) for “Best Educational Support System” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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