Happy Numbers

Happy Numbers helps PK-5 teachers differentiate math instruction and deepen students’ conceptual understanding of math.

Driven by pedagogy, while supported by technology, Happy Numbers fills a sizable pedagogy gap within existing learning environments. Their approach is validated through extensive classroom usage with more than 300,000 students across all 50-states, who have developed a deeper understanding of math. Happy Numbers integrates across numerous curriculum, works on any device and is COPPA/FERPA compliant.

The platform engages students with a hands-on approach, modeling math concepts with a diverse range of manipulatives. New concepts are driven by the student and introduced strategically, enabling new learning, at the same time that prior knowledge is reinforced. Happy Numbers adapts itself to each student’s individual learning level, so the student spends most of their time on exercises corresponding to their ‘Zone of Proximal Development’.

Teachers who adopt it in the classroom achieve improved student outcomes; Happy Numbers becomes a true virtual teaching assistant and extension of the classroom teacher. This cool tool really helps transform the classroom from textbook-centric to student-centric, all while students enjoy the learning experience.

The company and its founders and team is committed to “providing a positive impact on a student’s understanding and love of math not just in their early years, but in a way that will carry forward with them for a lifetime,” says CEO Evgeny Milyutin. For this and more, Happy Numbers is a Cool Tool Award Finalist (2021) for both “Best Adaptive Technology Solution” and “Best Math Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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