Automated Feedback by FeedbackFruits

An AI-powered software able to improve students’ academic writing skills by providing feedback at the exact moment they need: this is Automated Feedback. Developed by FeedbackFruits, this pedagogical tool makes it possible to receive formative feedback based on criteria chosen by the teacher. The feedback consists of straightforward corrections, actionable inline suggestions, and compliments.

Fully integrable into LMSs, students can upload their work to Automated Feedback and it will be checked in minutes. Automated Feedback’s unique AI-powered algorithm will give feedback on the content, language, layout, references, and figures and tables in students’ work.

If students are not using the correct language, the tool will notify them immediately. Moreover, the tool informs students if they are missing specific sections in their paper, or not respecting the word count.

Automated Feedback also includes the ability to run a complete citation check on the paper. The teacher chooses a citation style and the tool gives students real-time feedback on content, count, and usage of references.

What about layout checks? Automated Feedback saves instructors time by checking if page numbers are missing, if indexes are included and if tables and figures are correctly formatted.

All of this significantly unburdens teachers by reducing their review workload and minimizing any repetitive feedback given. As such, teachers can dedicate their precious time to giving high-level expert feedback on the content of the assignment, rather than on the form. Meanwhile, students receive increased feedback moments, improving their writing skills and stimulating deeper learning.

Automated Feedback by FeedbackFruits is a Cool Tool Award Finalist (2021) for “Best Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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