Anthology CampusNexus Occupation Insight

Here is a cloud-based workforce analytics solution bringing together career, job and skills demand data with an institution’s programs, courses and skills outcomes. CampusNexus® Occupation Insight allows students and advisors to leverage up-to-date workforce data earlier in the student lifecycle and use it to align academic programs and course selections as industry needs evolve, helping institutions meet accountability requirements for career-centric student outcomes.

Benefits include:
• Determining early whether skills developed through academic programs directly relate to workforce needs
• Providing students required skills for specific job titles + commensurate salary information
• Delivering valuable market trends on which jobs are in demand and where
• Ability to compare job skills required for a next-level position or career change
• Improving recruiting and enrollment through demonstrated program ROI and student outcomes

Direct knowledge of current career opportunities and the necessary associated skills provides students needed perspective on how to configure and manage their academic journey. For example, a student pursuing an associate degree in graphic arts may have ambitions toward becoming an art director. Through the tool, the student can see that 80 percent of working art directors have a bachelor’s degree.

Occupation Insight leverages the Microsoft technology stack and its applications, tools, and services. Workforce data seamlessly integrates with programs, courses, catalogs, and student services.

“In addition to using Occupation Insight to align programs with job market, I see it as a valuable tool to assist with student retention,” says Dr. Sadie Gregory of Coppin State. “Students gain a clear understanding of their career path.” For this and more, CampusNexus Occupation Insight is the Cool Tool Award Finalist (2021) for “Best Career Planning Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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