CatchOn uses student-level data to provide education leaders the ability to monitor student engagement levels and track online activities to ensure students are accessing and using their lessons and tools.

CatchOn’s customizable dashboard enables users to access critical information and perform on-the-spot analysis of their KPIs to evaluate education initiatives. Using the solution, leaders can:

  • Compile real-time data on every school device type, in or out of school
  • Attain visibility into online software and app activity on school-owned devices, including website activities
  • Gather insight into technology integration with auto generated reports


The dashboard also provides administrators and technology leaders with a comprehensive analysis of the four following areas throughout a school or district:

Usage Trends. This tool enables school districts to easily evaluate the usage trends for online software, apps, and website activity.

Professional Development. District leaders can quickly determine the efficacy of their professional development efforts based on application usage and identify where they may need to invest more training dollars.

Trending Apps. This unique and compelling tool enables school districts to see and explore the most popular apps currently in use, including those apps that were previously unknown to the district.

Renewal Status. CatchOn’s Renewal Status is a one-stop hub for subscription management. Its user-friendly sorting and filtering functionality helps school districts stay on top of renewals.

Ultimately, this cool tool empowers school districts to transform their data into relevant analysis that can be leveraged to improve instruction, save money, and safeguard student data privacy. For this and more, CatchOn earned a Cool Tool Award Finalist (2021) for “Best District Data Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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