Amplify ELA

Amplify ELA is a blended curriculum designed specifically for grades 6–8. With Amplify ELA, students learn to tackle any complex text and make observations, grapple with interesting ideas, and find relevance for themselves.

Built specifically for middle school, Amplify ELA inspires students to read more deeply, write more vividly, and think more critically. One of the few english language arts programs to receive an all-green rating from independent curriculum reviewer EdReports, Amplify ELA is grounded in research.

Drawing on extensive research into learning, cognition, and literacy, Amplify ELA is designed specifically to align with the development and learning processes of middle schoolers. The program has a strong research base behind its approach to differentiation and how it challenges all students to work critically and successfully with complex text.

With text always at the center, students are encouraged to make meaning for themselves. They develop ideas and opinions on real-world, relevant texts, instead of focusing only on right or wrong answers. With equity in mind, multiple entry points and differentiated supports enable every student, regardless of fluency or ability level, to engage deeply with the same complex texts and rigorous curriculum.

Amplify ELA is an excellent resource for teachers, offering rich texts that are a delight to teach, better connections with students through powerful differentiation and assessment tools, and step-by-step instructional guides that save time.

Formative assessment reports provide a continually updated picture of how each student is progressing with key skills and standards. Amplify ELA is a Cool Tool Award Finalist (2021) for “Best Language Arts Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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