ELSA Language Learning App

Makers of ELSA believe their app is superior to traditional speech recognitions, like Siri, Google Voice or Alexa. Traditional voice technology is built with the intention to be very forgiving to speakers’ errors, and try to understand what they say. Their technology is built with voice data of people speaking English with accents around the world, “so we’re achieving better accuracy when it comes to understanding these non-native English speakers (for countries where we have many users), compared to the traditional voice recognition technologies,” explains a company rep.

Their free assessment test is one of the most accurate ways to discover one’s English speaking proficiency. They provide a Score from 0% – 100%, with most native speakers scoring around 95% and above. ELSA identifies your top pronunciation challenges for each sound, like schwa‘ and ‘dipthong. The assessment result is used to personalize a user’s learning path, highlighting which sounds they already do well, and which sound they should focus on.

Under the Skills tab of the app, each planet represents a skill; planets with “conquered” flags mean the user has mastered that skill when the user scores 80% or more on that sound. When they master that skill, a “conquered” flag appears and they proceed. Their weakest skill is the last planet to practice.

ELSA provides guided learning to specific lessons best suited for your skill level. We offer 22 practical topics and 800+ fun lessons and games. ELSA teaches you how to pronounce common idioms, expressions, daily conversation in English. 

ELSA is a Cool Tool Award Finalist (2021) for “Best Language Learning Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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