Amira Learning + HMH Into Reading

Amira Learning with HMH Into Reading connects reading fluency assessment results directly with relevant core content. Amira’s assessment and practice insights support Into Reading instruction with skills-based, actionable data. Amira’s Diagnostic Report includes targeted Into Reading skills and resources based on students’ assessment results.

Whenever a student is assessed with Amira, the Diagnostic Report will show the skills within a student’s Zone of Proximal Development. The report provides a set of recommended Into Reading resources to instruct on those skills and support differentiation within the core program.

Ideal for in-person and virtual learning, Amira works to provide an evolving portrait of the class’s progress. Each time a student reads with Amira, Amira listens carefully and accurately to note any errors, assesses the student’s reading ability, and builds a complete reader profile.

Amira maximizes Into Reading instructional time. In under ten minutes, Amira’s assessment data provides teachers with the actionable insights they need to help inform instruction and grouping decisions, including the need for 1-to-1 practice.

Into Reading is rooted in authentic literature to meet the needs of your unique classroom and its extensive writing support helps young writers to hone their craft. This support is bolstered by Amira’s metrics for oral reading fluency, reading mastery, sight recognition, phonological awareness, and vocabulary insights.

Amira Learning + HMH Into Reading is a Cool Tool Award Finalist (2021) for “Best Literacy / Reading Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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