Gooroo Courses

Gooroo Courses is a streaming platform that offers free online educational courses, ranging from business skills to cooking. After signing up, students can watch videos from professionals in over 300 subject fields, receive recommendations for new courses, and return to videos last played to recap. Gooroo’s tech team and video interns created and designed the entire website from scratch. The user interface is genuinely stunning, with smooth transitions and a beautiful UI.

Although Gooroo Courses is free at the moment, expansion of the platform will lead to a paid subscription service. However, Gooroo’s leadership has made an oath once the courses become paid, for each Gooroo Courses Subscription purchased, one subscription will be donated to an underserved community. This project was designed to make sure every member of society has the opportunity to receive high-quality education from professionals.

Video content is edited through Gooroo’s elite editing team and content is being created at a rate of over 500 videos a month. That’s 17 educational videos a day. This rate is growing exponentially as virtuosos around the world continue to submit content.

Some of its cool features: each Gooroo Courses video is segmented into parts, so viewers can skip to various parts that interest them; each course is labelled for difficulty and the instructor’s bio is placed underneath; and content is split into three categories: academic, personal development, and lifestyle. Personal learning consultants are always on hand as well, 24/7, via telephone. Gooroo Courses is a Cool Tool Award Finalist (2021) for “Best Online Courses / MOOCs Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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