Professional Learning Survey Results 2022

What do teachers think about their own learning? Now you can know, because the results are in: has just released its annual 2022 Teacher Professional Learning Survey with five years of data benchmarking teachers’ attitudes and experiences with professional learning.

The 2022 survey shows the continued value of online professional learning, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, when virtual collaboration, learning, and support has been more critical than ever.

Key takeaways from edWeb teachers:

  • Webinars are the professional learning activity that helps them improve the most.
  • It’s most important that the content is current and relevant, that they can participate on their own time, and that the programs are free.
  • 60% are using their edWeb CE certificates for their school and district PD hours.
  • 45% are using edWeb CE certificates to renew their state teacher’s license.
  • 57% report that professional learning on edWeb impacts their students’ learning.
  • 50% share their learning with colleagues, and it impacts their students’ learning.
  • 32% report that edWeb has had a schoolwide impact on student learning.

Educators provided over 1,100 comments as part of the survey that provide a deeper understanding of educators’ needs. The comments are overwhelmingly positive and thankful for the free service that provides the kind of high-quality, online professional learning they need and CE certificates for their PD hours:

“During the pandemic, edWeb was a blessing to enable me to be connected to the learning community and for professional development. It also helped us to implement strategies to fill in gaps of learning students faced due to virtual classes. Thank you Team edWeb!!!”

Lisa Schmucki, founder and CEO of, commented, “Throughout the pandemic, we’ve learned more than ever that we are better together. Virtual professional learning has made open and inclusive collaboration and support possible through the most challenging times education has faced,” she says. “Our annual survey helps us keep up with current trends and needs in fast-changing times.”

The survey was conducted in early February 2022. Sent via email to 125,000 edWeb teacher members, they received 1,245 replies, a 1% response rate, with no incentive. The email quantity and response rate are comparable to past years.

Download the complete 2022 Teacher Professional Learning Survey.


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