Chemix is an app — and a very cool one at that — for drawing scientific lab diagrams easily, designed to help both students and teachers illustrate and annotate laboratory set ups in minutes.

Instead of using Powerpoint or assembling disparate images found on Google—students and teachers can use Chemix, which offers 180+ apparatus items, with consistent design and correct scale relative to each other, to create clean, professional, labelled diagrams.

  • Students can use Chemix to familiarize themselves with scientific lab apparatus and draw diagrams for their lab reports or research papers.
  • Teachers can use Chemix to create teaching material, illustrate and dual-code their lab instructions as well e.g. create slides or screencasts. See examples of how Chemix was used in various settings.

Every item can be customized and images can be downloaded in JPG, PNG and SVG formats, as well as uploaded to the Chemix Cloud for later editing. Chemix also offers a very nifty technology called ChemText which allows you to simply write chemical reactions by just typing them, e.g.: “CO2 + H2O <-> H2CO3” (demo).

Main features of this app:

  • Supports Chemistry, Biology, and Physics  
  • 255+ items available, with 300+ customizations in total
  • Type units, chemical formulas and reactions quickly using proprietary ChemText technology
    Save diagrams to Chemix Cloud and and access them from anywhere
  • Freemium service: 80% of the app is free to use. With a subscription, premium features are unlocked: such as high-resolution images, expanded cloud storage, more items and additional customizations.
  • Lenient licensing terms

Chemix is a Cool Tool Award Finalist (2021) for “Best Science Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Try it out for yourself, it really is a fascinating tool that will have you hooked and immersed in scientific inquiry in no time. Learn more


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