Reading Horizons Discovery 

Reading Horizons Discovery® is a phonics-based solution that supports educators with science-based, tech-enabled foundational reading instruction that helps all students reach reading proficiency by the end of 3rd grade. The solution features differentiated instruction and a naturally multi-sensory approach built in to meet the needs of every student.

This solution works hand-in-hand with teachers to develop resources that transform the complexities of an evolving science into easy-to-implement resources for all students, regardless of learning differences.

The program includes three types of lessons as it engages students in structured literacy instruction.

The first revolves around the 44 sounds of the alphabet and phonetic skills and decoding skills—all taught through explicit, systematic, and sequential lessons. The second type of lesson helps students master the top 300 most common sight words. Based on the Fry Word List, the words are divided into digestible lists and embedded throughout lessons for student practice. The third lesson type introduces students to basic grammar and syntax to help students improve their overall reading ability.

Featuring teacher-designed lesson plans, the student-friendly software helps educators recognize concerns in real time, then respond with resources proven to help. Wrap-around training and support from certified facilitators helps teachers to quickly embrace existing resources, then go above and beyond to offer creative solutions as unique needs arise.

With turnkey lesson plans and software that tracks student progress in real time, teachers can be more efficient and effective, and free to focus their attention where it’s most needed. Learn more


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