ABC-CLIO Solutions Databases

ABC-CLIO’s social studies databases gives classroom teachers and librarians the tools to inspire intellectual confidence. Their suite of 16 research and curriculum databases build students’ foundational knowledge and strengthen vital critical thinking skills.

Each database in the suite is loaded with:

  • Primary and secondary sources curated
    by scholars and aligned with curriculum standards for
    authoritative research.
  • Scaffolded activities for students built around central inquiry questions and reinforced with graphic organizers and primary and secondary source material to help students strengthen critical thinking skills.
  • Video lectures that strengthen students’ foundational knowledge and include transcripts, outlines, and self‑assessment tools.
  • An Academic Success Corner with explainer videos for students, breaking down key processes in writing, reading, researching, and critical thinking.

Every subscription also includes access to database specific educator support, with tools for aligning to standards, instructional guides, curriculum resources, on‑demand training videos, and more.

The company’s long history (65 years) indicates lasting power through change; the company has been an innovator in academic publishing, providing top-level, comprehensive materials from scholarly and reference imprints, to digital curriculum and research databases, to professional development resources.

Originally a small family publishing company grew to become a recognized leader in providing print and online materials for learners, researchers, educators, librarians, and information specialists worldwide.

ABC-CLIO Solutions Databases is the Cool Tool Award Finalist (2021) for “Best Social Studies Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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