When higher education institutions collect personal and sensitive personal information, they possess the most invaluable assets of their student body, faculty and administration. With so much data at risk—from students’ protected health information (PHI) and credit card numbers to faculty research—institutions must take proactive measures to prevent attacks. From HIPAA to PCI, higher education must also comply with multiple data security regulations to safeguard an ever-expanding body of student, staff and faculty sensitive data.

This cool tool can help protect what matters the most: every individual’s right to data privacy and security. The solution has been adopted among a broad swath of higher education institutions—including half of the top 100 U.S. News & World Report ranked colleges as well as 60 percent of Big 10 and Southeastern Conference (SEC) universities.

Their data privacy, compliance and behavior analytics solutions protect higher education institutions by enabling them to accurately discover and classify sensitive data according to compliance regulations and campus rules, understand the data within the context of their business, and then take actions to control that data so they can operate with minimal friction and comply with the laws and regulations built to protect the personal data privacy of students, their guardians, staff and faculty.

Once institutions know where their most regulated data resides, Spirion helps them protect it, set their broader security strategy, and gradually incorporate additional controls to further strengthen their data defenses and ensure ongoing compliance. For this and more, Spirion is the Cool Tool Award Finalist (2021) for “Best Security Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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