Here’s a unique online assessment platform designed with psychometric science at the core, with the goal of making modern psychometrics accessible to more organizations. This means that any organization can build their own assessments with technology like item response theory, adaptive testing, multistage testing, automated item generation, and automated essay scoring. Such concepts are no longer limited to large corporations.

According to its developers, the reason was made as such is that stronger psychometrics means stronger assessments: shorter, fairer, and more accurate. Their research shows that adaptive testing alone can reduce test length by 50% with no loss of accuracy, while improving examinee engagement.

The system is designed for educational organizations that need something other than an off-the-shelf prefab test in English. For example, a University that needs its own placement test or English test for incoming international students; a Ministry of Education outside the US that needs to make assessments in the native language, or Adult/workforce education programs that need custom exams for job skill certifications—these are the types of organizations they work with, which are often underserved in the market.

Such organizations can: manage sets of users in their org (access governed by roles and content), author and review test questions with 60 types, implement automated item generation, publish exams with advanced psychometrics, and deliver securely (unproctored, AI proctor, or human proctor). Results can easily be analyzed with visual psychometric reports in Word.

Any organization can create a free account (500 questions limit), and immediately start benefiting today. is a Cool Tool Award Finalist (2021) for “Best Testing & Assessment Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more.


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