This all-in-one tutoring platform offers a full range of interactive and easy-to-use tutoring tools that integrate video conferencing with an interactive canvas, allowing students and their tutors to safely collaborate on virtually any topic.

The platform enables students and tutors to:

  • see and hear each other, or just type back and forth
  • upload work to a shared canvas simply by snapping a photo and texting it in
  • share the graphing calculator, molecular bonds creator, and reference library
  • as well as other advanced tutoring tools.

GoBoard features many learning and tracking tools to facilitate the online tutoring experience, including:

  • unlimited session lengths with up to five people per room
  • screen sharing of all sessions which are recorded automatically for compliance, accountability, and training
  • a PDF of the board emailed to students after the session, providing them with a helpful study tool
  • customized resource library which allows tutors to load documents that can be accessed at any time during a session.

Schools have embraced the platform enthusiastically, and it is being incorporated into thousands of students’ university-provided tutoring. Schools that have already implemented GoBoard for online tutoring include Northeastern University, Emory University, and Georgetown College.

“GoBoard helped us navigate the sudden change to online learning so we could continue to provide support to students around the globe,” says Maggie Loscutio, a program coordinator for Northeastern University’s peer tutoring program.

For this and more, GoBoard is a Cool Tool Award Finalist (2021) for “Best Tutoring Solution” as part of The EdTech Awards from EdTech Digest. Learn more


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